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Ingredients - Spring 2007  |  The Jewish News.com  | Currents Magazine

Ingredients – behind the making of culinary's elite
Le Cordon Bleu Schools
Volume 7 | Issue 1 | Spring 2007
Written by Michael Lyons

I could tell from the extensive scar ring on her neck that she had undergone serious surgery, most likely due to a type of esophageal cancer. I smiled kindly at her, with a friendly sense of recognition. She smiled back knowingly, as well. You see, I was the only one in the room wearing Chef Whites, and this was her second time through my hot foods buffet line. Then she said to me, almost in a whisper, the words that have driven me to this day. <continued>...

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Jewish News.com - A Lyon's share of comfort food
Written by Arlene Fine

Chef Michael Lyons enjoys giving food demonstrations for the staff and clients of The Gathering Place. Every one of us has our own preferences for comfort foods. Mashed potatoes. Meatloaf. Soup. Sweet treats. The appreciation and value of comfort food is highly regarded at The Gathering Place, whose mission is to serve those people whose lives have been touched by cancer.

Recently, Gathering Place staff and clients spread out the welcome mat for Chef Michael Lyons, owner of Accessible Gourmet. This affable chef has been volunteering for the past year at The Gathering Place, presenting classes that feature healthy, easy-to-fix gourmet comfort foods. <continued>...

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Currents Magazine - Chef's Corner
Written by Linda Griffith

Someone said something to me a few days ago that really got me thinking: "The really good chefs have that special spark of passion. Their faces glow with it." I thought about that and realized that you can see that glow all over their bodies – in the way they move, even their hands. You hear it in the way they talk about living their lives.

In fact, every chef I choose to write about fits that description, especially Michael Lyons. <continued>...

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A Cook at Heart


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