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Our Friends and Partners

Margaret Promotions
Margaret Reardon

From the website: "How do you know you belong here? Because you are creative. You are a painter, a photographer, a musician, a designer, a cook, a writer. You have a unique talent. You work from home. You run a small business. You would like to turn a passion into a profession. You have great ideas and products you'd like to share. Or, you are looking for these people because you appreciate the individual, the talented and the local. You deserve to be connected!!"

The Metropolitan Brownie Company
Carmen Paponetti

From the website: "Here at the bakery we are so proud of the brownies we bake. We are proud use the ingredients we use. While some are labeled organic, other ingredients are made by smaller manufactures, by people who have the same passion we have to make products the best way they know how."

At The Pass - Weblog

From the website: "At the Pass is a look at the Cleveland restaurant scene through the eyes, ears and taste buds of two Cleveland restaurant professionals. The pass is the part of the restaurant that connects the front and the back of the house. It is where the culinary creation of the chef is handed off to the service professional at the front of the house, and then on to you the diner."



Mission Statement

Chef Michael Lyons
Chef Michael Lyons Bio

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